About Refund Policy

Sorry, we do not entertain refund request email if you have wrongly purchase this product. This website sells Electronics Repair Articles ebook and not other topic of ebook. This is not a Video product. There are just too many scammers who used this reason to get my product for free. Please don't tell me that you accidentally came to my website, accidentally read my website, accidentally removed your credit card from your wallet, accidentally keyed in the credit card number, accidentally downloaded my product and then expect a refund from me. I have to say sorry again that i will not entertain this kind of email.


My book is an E-book and NOT a hard copy book or Video as clearly stated in the website thus please do not email me by saying "Oh i thought this is a hard copy book and i want a refund" I would not respond to such email.


If you would like to ask for a refund i would like to hear from you. Explain to me why you are not satisfy with the ebook content otherwise i would not process the refund to you.